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Archer Web Design was established in the month of the archer, Sagittarius and we finally opened the doors for business in spring of 2018 with the support of the Prince’s Trust.

Hi, I'm Ashley, owner of Archer Web Design.

Hi, I’m Ash, the Archer. I shot the Olympic recurve bow and I have shot for three counties Derbyshire, Staffordshire and Leicestershire as well as successfully competing across the United Kingdom winning countless medals between 2007 – 2019. I actively shoot and compete today as well as mentor those who seek excellence in their sporting journey.

One attribute to my success was continuous learning, execution of skills and surrounding me with like-minded athletes. These same success principles apply to businesses where it is crucial to network and build a successful team of experts.

I am qualified in design and digital media having earned distinction star grade at Stephenson College. In fact, I was the first to earn this grade and this was no fluke. I have always been a dedicated and independent learner driving my own road to success be it archery, coaching or business ventures.

Back when I started learning design and by extension web design I was using Adobe Dreamweaver to build websites. Thankfully technology has progressed and today I work with WordPress, which powers over 40% of the web.

I like WordPress as it greatly improves my workflow allowing me to achieve results faster without compromising quality. No more doing things the hard way as technical advancements have made it so that we can all reduce stress by working smarter.

I enjoy working with clients as I get to learn about their stories, and their businesses and I am passionate about helping my clients achieve their goals.

Together we can all achieve the life we want with a little hard work.

Ashley Parker
— Creative Manger.

I am passionate about helping my clients achieve
their goals.

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