15-minute website review.
Gain valuable insights.
Earn more revenue.

A poor website design could be losing you thousands in revenue!
Gain valuable feedback about your website's design and you could win more customers and double your sales!
We have FREE and paid website reviews available.

limited spaces available for FREE reviews.
Paid reviews are available.
Ash spent the time highlighting areas of my website that weren't performing at their best; great knowledge, great advice! Thank you!
Keelie Briggs

15-minute reviews

As the name suggests. This will be a 15 minute or less review of your website's home page. You will gain valuable insights about your website based on my design knowledge.

Areas I will be looking at during reviews
  • First impressions
  • No scroll test
  • 4 key points I mentioned
  • Look at the copy
  • Call to actions
  • General design and theme
  • User friendliness
  • and more
What will actually happen
during the review.

There is no real structure to a review. I will basically open up the website and give it my first impressions. I set a timer for 15 minutes and I will attempt to cover as much of your home page within the time frame. The review will naturally unfold and take its natural course. I will likely cover all my points and you can rest assured that you will gain valuable feedback. If you take action on my feedback you will likely see an improvement in sales growth.

Ash is a front-end developer and has seen many websites. He knows good design from bad and understands what makes a
website stand out.
let's review your website

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Terms and conditions apply. By submitting a FREE review you allow us to display your review publicly. Submitting a review does not guarantee we will review your website. You may end up on a waiting list. If you don't wish to wait or do not wish your review to be made public then we suggest you opt for a paid review.

after your review

what happens next?

I will create a video for you and your team to watch via a shared link.

Final video reviews will be published to our Youtube channel and used in our marketing material unless you opted for the video to remain private.

You can thank me by submitting a review for my work and even donate to me.

I would strongly advise taking action on the feedback I give you.
How you go about taking action on your review is up to you.

Below I offer a few ideas on your options.

time to take action


do it yourself (DIY)

If you are tech savvy then you can attempt to take action and improve your own website, though we advise you work with a web designer such as me for best results.


work with your team

Feel free to share my feedback with your team or web developer and take action. All I ask is that you credit me for helping you out and leave me a review.



You could relay the feedback back to your web developer and we can collaborate. Why would your developer do this? Well, your developer is likely very busy and therefore would appreciate the help whilst keeping you as a customer. This also builds strong relations with all parties.


work with me

If you enjoyed my feedback and would like to work with me to improve your website and more then get in touch.

We can have a chat and plan out an action plan to improve your website.

ready to win gold

let's work together

Questions, concerns and answers.

What payment methods do you accept?
We take secure Stripe payments
Will the review negatively affect my business?
We are reviewing your business website and not your actually business. You’re losing business every day due to a poor website so you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.

The best thing to do is to take action on the feedback we give you and show your customers that you took our feedback on board and moved your business forward in a positive manner.
I want a website review but i don’t want my review to go public until we take action on the feedback. Can you delay the publication?
We completely understand. We give you a window of 30 days to take action on the feedback.
What is a discovery meeting and how long is your discount vailed for?
The discount codes are valid for 3 months. A discovery meeting is a 1-hour session with me via video or phone call, which usually costs £120 per hour.
Are the reviews recorded live?
No. The reviews are pre-recorded and edited before being privately or publically published.
Still have questions or are unsure about this deal.
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