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The Brief

We reached out to Podium bowstrings seeing an opportunity to improve their business as we identified numerous issues with their original website! We pitched forward solutions to greatly improve the Podium Bowstrings brand image, customer user experience and offer a contemporary shopping solution.

key features

Bespoke Design

Brand image is important and we collaborated with our client to create a unique, bespoke web design to stand out in the market.

Bespoke Products

For the best customer experience (UI) we created dynamic and customized product ordering forms for the various products on offer.

eCommerce Shop

Podium Bowstrings now uses a modern shopping technology for enhanced customer experience which has led to a increase in sales.

The Project

What we did and the challenges we overcame.

1. Lifelong Friendship
Hi I’m Ash, owner of Archer Web Design and I first met Sonnie, owner of Podium Bowstrings in a national archery tournament where we battled it out in an all exciting Olympic head to head round.

I learned more about my competitor and later on I decided to check out the original Podium Bowstrings website which looked great at first glance however there were many areas which needed to be updated.

So at a later date after our competition I contacted Sonnie to address the issues I found and explained how I could help improve his business and despite some initial hesitation it was a good call by Sonnie to entrust me to improve his business and the rest is history.

Fast forward a little and Podium Bowstrings now has, perhaps one of the best archery themed websites in the UK; as the heading suggests this has indeed led us to develop a strong working relationship which continues to see growth in both our businesses.
2. Solutions Identified
As mentioned in the previous section we identified various issues with the original Podium Bowstrings website and now we going to go through the issues and what solutions we offered.

Problems  Found!

  • Lacking the now required SSL Certificate
  • Not mobile ready or friendly!
  • Lack of SEO
  • Poor speed optimization
  • Outdated design layout
  • Spammy sales generation methods!
  • Outdated online shop solution
  • Negitive brand repersentation


  • Modern up to date shopping solution
  • Update security features including SSL
  • Scalable website that can grow with the business
  • Mobile and SEO ready website
  • Brand image to build customer trust
  • Lots more content to offer value to customer
  • Improve user experience when shopping for greater sales conversions
  • Bespoke product ordering forms
  • Massivily improve sales!
The Problems we found:
The first issue we noticed was the lack of a SSL Certificate which was made mandatory for all websites from February 2018 and SSL are necessary now to ensure data is encrypted when visiting a website.

The original website was not mobile ready which meant the user experience would be low and 70% users now view websites from a mobile device so that’s a lot of customers lost by not being mobile ready!

The old website was slow, heavy in resources which would eat up band width and images on the website were not optimized which again causes websites to slow down. The original website had no SEO practices in place making the website difficult to find through organic Google searches.

Due to the lack of SSL, website not being mobile ready, general lacks of product information including terms, policies documents all negatively impacted the brand image resulting in a loss of sales! If this was not damaging enough the original website used spammy out of date sales methods for customers to order products and pay which again results in brand damage.

In section 3 and 4 below we talk more about the problems and the solutions we implemented to rebuild brand trust and increase the sales.
Solutions We Implemented:
So we secured the new Podium bowstrings website with a SSL certificate, installed server side and internal website security protocols and setup server and 3rd party backup solutions.

Every website now must be mobile ready and so we ensured the brand new design was fully responsive and tested the website across the most popular devices.

For the new Podium Bowstrings website we ensured the website was clean coded and we further improved the speed with server side and internal website caching. If that was not enough we also set up a CDN for increased speed as well as increased security. We also made sure all images do something called lazy load which means images only load up when they appear on your screen, use correctly sized images to keep data usage down and ensure all images are compressed for best speed optimization. Overall the Podium bowstrings website loads up on average below 3 seconds which is great for user experience. If a website takes any longer than 3 seconds then a user will likely leave or bounce off your website and go elsewhere!

We improved the brand image and increased overall sales by implanting modern shopping solutions which you can read more about below.
3. Bespoke Design
Archery a very niche market and so we needed to develop a unique, bespoke web design for Podium bowstrings in order to truly stand out and amaze the customer base. To achieve required great communication with the business owner, Sonnie whom we worked closely with to achieve a design that best portrayed Sonnie’s brand image.

We ensured this design did not just look great but was functional in terms of general user experience, user accessibility and refined the navigation to make the website as easy as possible for a user to find and purchase anything they wanted. Along with custom typography fonts, branded colours and a fresh new look we were able to transform the brand image making a Podium bowstrings a trusted brand.
podium home snap shot
4. Shopping Solution
When we first assessed the original Podium bowstrings website we found that they were using a very dated ecommerce method where a user would go to the website, look at a limited amount of products with very little product information available making purchase decisions harder for the user which in turn led to a loss of sales.

On the original website to order a product the user would have to click a button which redirected the user to a Google forms page where they would use selection fields to assemble the desired products before submitting the form to the business owner.

The business owner would then email the customer with a PayPal invoice which is fine, however sending emails with links to pay someone can come across as spammy and untrustworthy!

As stated there are many issues with the old website. For starters redirecting a user away from your website is never a good thing as it has been shown in data analysis to cause customers to lose trust and abandon a sale! Using Google forms to allow the user to assemble the desired product was in fact clever however this process again needs to happen on your website. The order forms themselves were not visual either, for example the customer cannot see a visual representation of the coloured string material which again makes it harder for a customer to commit to a sale.

Finally the order process and payment method was not ideal as the business owner had to manually send out email invoices which can often go into spam folders or can be perceived as spam messages! Now many businesses do indeed still use over the phone or email invoices however such a method can be very untrustworthy when compared to the more professional and more trust worthy methods of accepting payments on your website.
Solving The Various Issues
To solve the various issues with the original Podium bowstrings website we built the new website with an online shop filled with product images and lots of useful buying information to encourage the customer to purchase the right product. We got rid of the Google forms and implemented smart product forms complete with visual cues such as colour swatches, which the customer is able to click on to select the desired coloured material. Now once the customer has assembled their desired product they are able to simply add the item to the cart, continue shopping or go straight to the checkout page. This method is far more stream line and user friendly for the customer compared to the old website. Not only have we improved the customers buying experience but we have also simplified the business owner’s backend order management.
The customer gets an order confirmation and order sent email by the business owner and the business owner gets one email sent to them with the order details for product assembly along with an email sent to their merchant account. The only other thing the business owner is required to do is confirm orders and accept payments. This new process is much simpler compared to the old method for both the customer and business owner.

Not only have we simplified the order process but we speed it up which means more time for the business owner to spend time doing more valuable tasks as after all time is money!

Overall this is a massive improvement for Podium bowstrings and the improved ecommerce solution has led to a massive increase in sales and customer satisfaction.
Bespoke Order Forms
Podium bowstrings is a leading archery company specialising in making custom bowstrings and this requires smart ordering forms so that the customer can build the string just the way they want to.

The order form is complete with conditional options which means depending on what a customer selects will depend on which fields display on screen. This saves valuable screen space as traditionally a product order form would include every option available but with conditional forms you only see the fields related to what the customer selected.

podium bowstrings custom product design
The Result
We succeed in turning Podium bowstrings from a little known business in the south into a market leader, thanks to our bespoke web design and ability to effectively communicate with our client Sonnie, to build the website he deserved.

We turned Podium bowstrings outdated website with outdated sales methods into a 21st Century ecommerce website complete with great user experience, bespoke web design that has portrayed Podium bowstrings as a trusted brand.

Podium bowstring to this day continues to thrive, expand, generate lots of sales and we continue to support Podiums bowstrings journey with our excellent customer support.


We successfully developed a brand new, bespoke website design with a highly customizable product order system which has resulted in Podium Bowstrings becoming a market leader within the sport.
Podium Bowstrings

Great service!

Supper happy to share with you all the new Podium Bowstrings website. Please go on and have a look around, order strings if you’re need some! Big thank you to Ash from Archer Web Design for such great customer service! Would highly recommend him for your website needs!

Podium Bowstrings


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