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The Brief

We want to look like one of the main professional political parties with our own logo and brand colours of course. As a new party we need to emphasis our brand colours, especially the turquoise blue in order to differentiate us from existing political parties, after all we are the Independent party.

In terms of website pages we need the most help with is the home page and request your experience and guidance to create us a page design that gives users the best first impression in professional manner that best reflects our brand.

Key Features

CRM Intergration

We had to intergrate a CRM with the website for marketing campaigns.

Dark Theme

To make the brand stand out we created a dark themed website.

UX Design Process

We listened to our clients and researched the competition and developed a unique design.

The Project

What we did and the challenges we overcame.

1. Design Process Starts With Reasearch
We conducted research on the main political parties in UK. We reviewed their websites, social media, and other sources of information to build out a design profile and learn more how their websites were generally structured. We then gathered our finding and reviewed the information our client gave us i.e. Images, text etc and we designed a website around the content with intuitive navigation paths for good user experience.
2. Branding And Colour Themes
As a political party or as our clients would say not a party as we are ‘the independents’, colour scheme matters a lot! Every political party has picks its scheme to fit in with their brand message. As our clients wished to portray themselves as the people’s choice we considered using earthly browns and cream colours to try and give the message of ‘we are down to earth and part of the working class’ however the colours did not fit well with the party logo so we decided to scrap that theme idea.

Our client’s logo use red and blue which are the same colours as the two main UK political parties so for that reason we decided to limit those two colours which left us with the unique turquoise colour which we aimed to be the primary focus for the website theme.
3. Dark Theme
We decided explore the idea of using a dark theme design for the Hampshire Independents website. A dark theme is generally a very dark website made up of blacks, dark greys mixed with white and some lighter tones such as lighter grey for text which is great on the eyes reducing eye strain. This was a great idea to explore as dark themed websites are generally rarer and so that alone would help our client’s standout.
4. We Have Winner!
We now combined the dark theme with the turquoise blue and what a combination! The two worked brilliantly as the turquoise blue really stood out against the dark background and as the website was mostly dark in tonne the blue, through limited used really stands out and this is great as we want certain things such as the logo, typography and the primary logo colour to be the things people remember about our clients branding. Great result and our clients were wowed with the final design.
5. Communication Is Key
We held weekly meetings via various social platforms such as Zoom and Skype in order to constantly review project progress, take on client feedback as well as offer suggestions on design improvements.
6. Hurdles Overcome
Other than finding the right colour pallet, perhaps the most challenging aspect of this project was styling our clients CRM software to match the overall website theme and this required us to delve into source codes in order to achieve the desired outcome both on the frontend and backend.
The Result
Overall as always this was a great project to part take in, we always love meeting new clients, learning about their businesses needs and taking on new challenges which are always an avenue for growth. Like all our clients we drop them a line every now and again to see how they are getting on and we are always open to after sales support. Your success is our mission here at Archer Web Design.

Great service!

Great service, came up with an original design that looks good and works well, happy to join in on conference calls where we pitch the design to other stakeholders and responds to feedback. Would work with again.
Hampshire Independents

Scott Neville

scott neville
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We exceeded our client’s expectations delivering a unique dark themed website that not only stood out amongst the competition but emphasised their brand colours which greatly aids in the public remembering the new party.
Hampshire Independents

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